Lower Elementary

In the Lower Elementary School students from ages 6 to 9 begin to build a new and challenging world on the foundation laid during primary school. The children are ready to move from the facts they so readily accepted earlier to questions. Those questions then lead to further research, written work, and artistic expression.

IMG_0953-300x199The goal now is to set the habit of lifelong learning. In this time children begin to explore the Five Great Lessons that are at the heart of Montessori education. The lessons are The Story of the Creation of the Universe; The Coming of Life; The Story of Humans; The Story of Language, and The Story of Numbers.

Within the structure of these large topics, all traditional subjects are covered: math, sciences, languages, history, religion, geography, music and art. The Great Lessons themselves offer an opportunity for children to see that all areas of learning are interrelated, and, more important, that humans in general, and they in particular live in a complex and wonderful universe.