Upper Elementary

By ages 9 to 12 students are doing more abstract work and refining their research skills. Children are encouraged at every turn to use their imaginations, to explore their subjects fully and to work collaboratively with each other.

Foreign language is incorporated into their academic day. Students at this level have Spanish direct instruction twice per week.

IMG_6089-300x200The goal at this level is to ensure that each child really understands his or her strengths and how to use them to best advantage. Work becomes increasingly more rigorous and homework assumes greater importance, reinforcing daily lessons while also teaching how to meet deadlines and work independently.

Even as our children are exploring a wider curriculum in these years, it’s important that they also begin to explore a wider world. Students take more frequent local field trips and become active in community service projects outside of school. 4th graders make an annual visit to Columbus to experience first hand the workings of state government. Fifth and Sixth graders take a trip to Washington D.C. every other year to see our nation’s capital.