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About MMPA

Mercy-Montessori-Parents-300x185Engaged parents are essential to the success of Mercy Montessori, and once your child is enrolled, we invite you to become actively involved through the Mercy Montessori Parents’ Association – the MMPA.

The Mercy Montessori Parents Association provides support in organizing field trip and student activities, sponsors educational events for parents, and assists with general fundraising. The events are designed for families to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company at various times throughout the year.

We need your help. MMPA is a volunteer organization, and relies on the time, effort, talents and creativity of the many parents and grandparents whose commitment makes these projects a success. Please consider joining the team for the project or projects of your choice. To become involved call the school or any one of the officers. We will gladly assist you.

MMPA sponsors events for both students and parents throughout the school year. Notification of each of these events goes out to each Mercy family well in advance through the weekly school notes. Please be sure to check for upcoming opportunities.

MMPA Board Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month throughout the school year, and all Mercy parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Jump in — Parents are encouraged to serve on the MMPA. Officers are approved annually after offering their services to the community.

The 2015-2016 School Year Officers are:

  • President: Raechel Scarchilli
  • Vice-President: Kate Caldwell
  • Secretary: Heather Morath
  • Treasurer: Julie Parr
  • Hospitality/Social Coordinator: Paige Toraason
  • Ambassador Coordinator: Paige Ellerman

Activities Coordinators:

  • Primary & Lower Elementary: Jessica Savage, Sarah Bollman
  • Upper Elementary: Teresa Dugan
  • Junior High: Molly Klesa
  • Community Relations Coordinator: Stephanie Deimling
  • Play Day Coordinator:  Valerie Young
  • Education Coordinator: Tekeia Howard, Shana Cronican
  • Kroger Card Sales: Carolyn Ottke-Moore
  • Remke/Biggs Card Coordinator:  Duane Headworth
  • SCRIPS Coordinator:  Melissa Kurzhals
  • Spring Flower Sale: Rebecca Powers
  • Teacher Representative: Beth Woeber
  • Athletic Representative: Tom Grant
  • Principal: Patty Normile

“Years ago when my first child was a newborn, a family of four children in the neighborhood came by with a baby gift. I didn’t know the children well but as they stood hopefully on my doorstep, I thought, “Oh no! The last thing I need is visiting children.” To my delight, they were wonderfully courteous and surprisingly conversant. I was just amazed. “I want to get to know the mother of these children,” I thought, “because I want to learn how to raise my child to be just like them.” Over the next few months I asked the mother the secret to raising such wonderful kids. Her answer: “I’ve got two words for you—Mercy Montessori.”