Community Prayer Gathering in Memory of Kyle Plush

April 11, 2018 10:32 pm Published by Comments Off on Community Prayer Gathering in Memory of Kyle Plush

Our Mercy hearts are heavy tonight.

Kyle Plush, Mercy student from Kindergarten – 6th grade (2008 -2014), died in a tragic accident last night. He was a sophomore attending Seven Hills High School. Details about his death have been in the news.

Kyle’s parents, Ron and Jill, were very active Mercy parents. Jill helped us greatly as an MMPA officer, and Ron was active with Kyle’s soccer team and a great supporter of the swim team. In addition, Jill’s parents helped us with the growth of the Ecolab by creating name plates for the various trees located therin. Kyle’s sister, Alli (7th grade), also attended Mercy and our prayers are extended to her.

I wanted you to know that tomorrow evening, Thursday, April 12th at 7:00 pm, we will be opening our doors to any Mercy student, staff member and family who would like to support the Plush family through prayer and community gathering in our parlor and chapel.

Some of our older children have siblings who are currently in high school and have been contacting me throughout the day looking for a place to gather. We will use the strength of prayer, compassion and empathy to help our Mercy students, alumni family and friends.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel welcome to contact me ().

With tremendous sadness,
Patty Normile

In mercy, we touch the hearts of those who are in misery.
In mercy, we’re touched by them and feel their strength and courage.
In mercy, we heal the pain of those who are in sorrow.
In mercy, we’re healed by them and see the face of hope.

For the circle of mercy is timeless: it is Spirit of Life itself.
Which roots us in faith,
and lifts us in hope,
and holds us in God’s loving care,
and holds us in God’s loving care.

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