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What is Erdkinder_ from Mercy Montessori on Vimeo.


Video directed and produced by Lucas and Jonathan

Erdkinder Daily Work Video from Mercy Montessori on Vimeo.

Video directed and produced by Sal, Trey, and Harley

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The first product will be Mercy’s Groovy Smoothie!  

Click here to visit Mercy’s Groovy Smoothie website.

Coming Soon: Bees!

In April of 2018, the Mercy Montessori micro-economy will get an exciting new member: bees! With the help of the bee team, the junior high can use bee related products like honey and wax to make candles and even soap. Although it takes a few years to get a significant amount of honey in a few years we could get 60-70 pounds of honey per hive (we have two)! The bee team is ready and excited for this new challenge.  See more photos here.

Josie, Avery, Phillip, and Paul- The Bee Committee

Our Hardworking Student Teams

More About the Farmessori

Mercy is home to a unique farm-to-table and micro economy learning program.  The Farmessori features a greenhouse, raised garden beds, rain barrels, and will have Italian Bees for pollination (Spring 2018)!

In the Mercy Montessori spirit, this garden space was built with the help of student, family, and alumni volunteers. Together they constructed the garden beds, fencing, and greenhouse.

Products produced in the Farmessori (produce, herbs, honey, etc) will be used in the student microeconomy program. The junior high class will create and sell items with the proceeds funding further projects in the Farmessori / microeconomy.

This program follows the Erdkinder philosophy developed by Maria Montessori.  Erdkinder is German for “land children”.  In our society, the farm model became the Montessori foundation for this work of the adolescent.  She believed that the work on the land would open up their understanding of the society they are about to join.