• Art

    Mercy Arts

    Students in levels 1-8 participate in weekly in art classes.  Here they explore many medias including painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, 3D structures, and clay.  Our program is sequential and children learn skills appropriate for each grade level. These skills build on one another and allow for critical thinking and problem solving to be creatively used.

    Visionaries + Voices

    IMG_6496Mercy Montessori is one of two area schools that partner with Visionaries + Voices (V+V) as a ‘Artist in Residency Host’. This program offered a year-long, paid teaching opportunity for two V+V Artists that have been teaching in schools through the Teaching Artist Program (TAP).  The “Artist in Residency” program supports Visionaries + Voices’ mission to provide artistic, cultural, and professional opportunities for artists with disabilities.  As a field experience host, Mercy Montessori provides a positive example from which artists can observe and learn, and a welcoming environment for V+V teaching artists to share lessons and practice their skills.

    Pentel International Art Awards

    Mercy students are consistently recognized as some of the world’s top artists through the Pentel International Art awards. Our students are selected from a pool of over 40,000 entries worldwide.

    View Students’ Art Online

    Mercy uses the Artsonia Gallery to share student art with families.  Click on the link to see what are artists have been up to this year!


  • Music

    Mercy Music

    20150921_110357Students from preschool through 8th grade particpate in weekly music classes.  The Mercy Montessori Music program focuses on developing critical thinking skills through an understanding of musical elements and concepts including melody, rhythm, form, harmony, timbre, texture and expressive elements. These are all taught through active learning utilizing the methodologies of Orff and Kodaly.  Kodaly focuses on sequential, authentic music learning through hands on singing and moving.  Orff focuses more on improvisation, dance and ensemble playing with an emphasis on student creativity.

    Singing, moving, playing pitched and unpitched percussion instruments, creating, composing, listening and performing are an integral part of the music program at Mercy.

    Learn Why Mercy Music is for Life

    Click here to view a segment of the 2016 Junior High Spring Concert


  • Foreign Language

    Mercy Montessori offers Spanish instruction for students in levels K-8.    Students in levels K-3 attend class once per week, and students in levels 3-8 attend twice per week.

    Spanish Movie JPG
    Click to view the 1-3 level students singing”Buenos Dias”.

    K-3 Level Spanish Curriculum

    4-8 Level Spanish Curriculum

    Meet the Teacher:

    Jessica Dettmer 

  • Gym & Swim

    Swimming instruction at Mercy begins at age three in the preprimary division.   All students enrolled at Mercy have a weekly swimming class where children learn to be safe and comfortable in the water.

    In the junior high, students begin the Health and Wellness curriculum.  This program is a mix of their past swim and gym classes combining physical activity and learning new ways to take care of themselves. Health and Wellness lessons include yoga, pilates, self-defense, and dancing.  Read more about our unique health and wellness program: